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To help you meet the tax withholding and reporting requirements of the states, Cokala monitors state
regulations, legislation and administrative rules, and maintains this information in a collection of 10 data
tables.  Citations to state authority, and hyperlinks to original source material on state websites, are
included in the tables.

Table 1
State withholding requirements on distributions from qualified retirement plans and IRAs

Table 2
State withholding rates and calculations for distributions from qualified retirement plans and IRAs  

Table 3
State respect of the federal Form W-4P (where is it accepted; where is a unique state form required),
and payee withholding notice requirements

Table 4A
State registration as a withholder/filer; deposit of withheld tax; periodic reports of withholding

Table 4B
State annual reconciliation reporting; state filing of Forms 1099-R

Table 4C
5498 or state equivalent forms

Table 5
State withholding and reporting requirements for payments that are reported federally on Forms
1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-OID

Table 6
State requirements to withhold and report on interest/dividends that are federally tax exempt

Table 7
State penalty and interest rules and rates for failures in tax withholding, deposit and reporting; alerts on
state tax amnesty programs

Table 8
State withholding and reporting of payments reported federally on Form 1099-MISC

Annual subscription fee $1,400 for the complete group of 10 tables.  These tables are updated
continuously throughout the year, and are continuously accessible to subscribers through a
password-accessed section of this Cokala website.  Email bulletins alert you when changes have been
made, and also provide information on state developments throughout the year.  Subscription payment
options include invoicing, or payment by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.  To subscribe, or to
schedule a demonstration of these tables, please call us at 734.629.5155 or email
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